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On behalf of everyone at GDD.

Recent Journal Entries

Have you heard of "Talk Like a Pirate Day?? Get excited for these awesome events! 

12 deviants said Time to embrace all things PIRATE :ahoy: Get ready for this Friday :eager:
3 deviants said A Treasure Hunt will go on this Friday! Talk Like a Pirate Day - Treasure Hunt!!Arr mateys',
This Friday (September 19th) is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and what kind of day would that be without a chance for you all to win some booty!  .:Piratela:. 
I reckon some Community Volunteers have been hogging some booty to themselves, the slimy eels!
It's your job to find where they are hiding their booty, and steal it all for ye-self! Pirate w00t 
Here's how it works:
Read over the Chat list of activities here
Attend as many Chat events as you can: Clues to find their booty will be announced during the events!
Collect the clues to each Community Volunteer's booty, and try to find them all!!
Once you have found them all, send me Mrs-Durden, a note with the links to all their booty!
:note: Booty = Treasure. The treasure will be a photo, linked somewhere on the Community
No deviants said Chat events where you can win prizes! Talk Like a Pirate Day - Chat events!Arr mateys!
Are ye ready to win some awesome prizes?? Here is the schedule of all the awesome Pirate themed events planned for Friday 19th of September (aka Talk Like a Pirate Day)!
3 month premium memberships, and/or points will be awarded!

:note: To win the Treasure Hunt, you should attend as many chat events as possible! (Find out more here!)
:note: All events will occur in #CommunityRelations.
:note: All times are PST. Please use a time converter as needed.
9AM - Muro Draw Event
You'll be given pirate themed things to draw in Muro, the best drawings win!
10AM - Deviation Scavenger Hunt
A hunt for pirate themed deviations!
11AM - Muro Draw Event
You'll be given pirate themed things to draw in Muro, the best drawings win!
No deviants said Forum events as well! Talk Like a Pirate Day - Forum events!Arr mateys,
Ye ready for some creative and fun ways to win awesome prizes? :ahoy:
Here's the list of all the forum events that will go up this Friday, Sept 19th! All event winners will receive 3 month PMs or :points:!

Best Pirate Pick-Up Line
Self-explanatory, you'll need to give us your best Pirate pick up line! (nothing that violates DA rules/policy)

Muro Draw
You'll be asked to draw something pirate themed in Muro and then post it as a comment into the forum!

Pirate Creative Stories
You'll be asked to write a short creative story about pirate adventures!

3 line Pirate Poem
You'll be asked to write a poem about being a pirate and fighting for your treasure or plunder!
Best Pirate Joke!
You'll be asked to give us your best pirate joke!

:note: Deadlines, prizing, and further details will be discussed in the forum post for eac

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