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Hello everyone,

I would really like this group, and all members to be as involved as possible within the community! We should all support each other in our endeavors, not only in regards to our own art, but also the many awareness journals, interviews, contests, projects, and other awesome things like that!

There is now a Gallery Folder called Community News to which you may submit, however, here are some rules:

:bulletred: Commissions will be accepted with moderation, as I don't want members to be flooded with the thousands of commission journals out there.
:bulletred: Kiriban, and all pageview related things will not be accepted. We want to accept important news that will really benefit our members.
:bulletred: Do not flood us with submissions, send us worthy news that you think other members will benefit from!
:bulletred: We are looking for: Art Features, Interviews, Contests, Projects, Awareness articles, Art news, and all things related to these.

We reserve the right to decline your submission based on the quality of the material in your journal. This will not be a folder where everyone can just throw all their stuff in with the hopes of it being promoted. We want this to be useful, thank you!

Bi-Monthly we will post a journal promoting the awesome Community News we have received!

New Moderators needed!

Sat Jun 24, 2017, 2:11 AM by Mrs-Durden:iconmrs-durden:
Dear members,

We are looking for new moderators in Literature, Artisan Crafts, Anime/Manga, Designs and Interfaces, Photography, Digital Art, and other similar categories or subcategories here on DeviantArt, to vote on submissions, and consequently suggest deviations. We're especially interested if you have expertize in more than one category. If you're interested in helping us vote on submissions, and contribute to the future of this group as a whole, please read the following instructions on how to apply:

Submitting your application

2 simple steps:

:bulletgreen: Copy & paste the following form into a NOTE to our group.

:bulletgreen: Proceed to fill out the form and send it to us.


Prior group admin experience/role/responsibilities:

Moderator role(s) that you are applying for (list multiple ones if you have the expertize/ for example Digital Art/Photography/etc):

No. of years involved in genre:

Your current situation -> Working/Studying/Free as a bird:

Amount of time you can commit (ideally an hour or so on weekdays, increased on weekends):

Do you know how to suggest Daily Deviations, and if so, how often do you?

Why would you be a good fit? How can you help us?

Send us 5 thumbnails of deviations within the category you're applying for (i.e: digital art, photography, etc) that you believe are DD worthy. These should not already be in our group.

We are only looking for committed and knowledgeable moderators. Comments will not be accepted as an application.

:star: If we have not replied to your application within 14 days, it unfortunately means we have decided to go with someone else. Thank you for your time, perhaps try again next time!

Thank you to our donors!!

Sat Jun 17, 2017, 10:33 AM
GetDailyDeviations is slowly but surely getting back into action, and thanks to these amazing donors we were able to renew our super group status! Please take time to check out their work, we're immensely grateful for their help!


LOL by GeorgeXVII Face and hair study by GeorgeXVII Drop by GeorgeXVII Rose by GeorgeXVII


Laundry Day by flashf0x Jellyfish Mermaid by flashf0x Flapper Girl by flashf0x


Bird031 by ov3 flwr018 by ov3 Bee002 by ov3


Blue eyes by Saviroosje Colour Wave by Saviroosje Mind Growing by Saviroosje


Black cat by BeckyKidus Great grey owl - commission by BeckyKidus Roe deer portrait by BeckyKidus


Ohiocon trinity blood Abel and Esther by Toboe The Star.. by Toboe Witch Hunter Robin wig by Toboe


Tier 1 - Mod Mess - Jael's Song by Stygma Melanoid After Event - Part 3 by Stygma The Sphinx by Stygma


SDL Secret Santa 2012/13: Jian by E-Nomad Disa-pear-ing Act by E-Nomad Winter Lily by E-Nomad


Sunset by Birdy98 Gibson Girl Victoria by Birdy98 Metalhead Victoria by Birdy98


Constantine by Termuthis The Enthraller by Termuthis Character Illustration - Razzy by Termuthis


-Satyrized- by RiEile -Pterodactylus antiquus- by RiEile -The Old Man of Storr- by RiEile


COMISSION - Geo by VampireCherry

Mature Content

Sleeve study 2. Dark mermaid by VampireCherry
2016 Goal by VampireCherry


Do you want me to get intimidating by Cliotna Hands feet and heads by Cliotna And so, in your despair, you come, at last, to me by Cliotna


Red and Black Baby Wyvern by UnbridledMuse Time with Mother by UnbridledMuse I Didn't Know Little Lizards Could Swim by UnbridledMuse


Exaggerated Tales of Oreo Jones - Derbis Island 14Day 14: The day started out well, we located a herd of Derbis Goats. This was one of the most exciting parts for Dr. Fleecier who is an expert on goats. He enjoyed photographing them as Ottera took notes. I most enjoyed the part when the goats started using Raulado like a ball and just kept head butting him back and forth. This may have been a good time to stop them, but they are fairly small goats and were not going to cause much damage. After spending time with the goats, we moved back into the jungle needing to cover a lot of land, and explore the best we could with the limited time we have left on this island. This is where the day started to change for us. The deeper we got into the jungle the noises started to return, again some familiar but as we got closer to the half way point on the island we heard something new. Something that would ultimately break Dr. Picklesworth. It was the call of the creature he wanted to find most. We only barely heard it at first, and that was enough White's tree frog by morbidman187 Wednesday 13 by morbidman187


When the Caged Bird Flies
The Caged Bird Sang
Her Low Saddened Song,
Realizing how She no Longer Belonged.
Lights Bright in Warmth
Filling Space all aglow,
Sweet Music Played
Stirring Deep Her very Soul.
The Cage Door Opened
and Her Heart did Sing,
as She Skipped Happily Forward
and Spread her New Wings.
She Sang Loud and Strong,
a Sweet Song of Fresh Spring,
as Her Happiness took Flight
She Pondered this Free Being.
The Glowing-Winged Creature
Now Sparkling in White,
Flew Higher and Higher
Reaching an Amazing New Height.
Just Beyond the Distant Horizon
in the Bluest Skies Above,
the Most Beautiful Rainbow Crescent
Arced a Doorway of Two Doves.
She Flew and Flew
Wings Loose and not Tight,
Then Quietly Slipped Through
the Doves and Flew Out of Sight.
The Old Cottage Premade by WDWParksGal Elven Maiden and her Pets Await by WDWParksGal


Blue Clover Patch by Erzsabet Black and Blue Bracelet by Erzsabet Snowflake Bracelet Commission by Erzsabet


Blue. by Anoya Karel. by Anoya Doe - Oostvaardersplassen. by Anoya


Shattered Soul by L-L-arts Call Of The Sea by L-L-arts Thorns of Love by L-L-arts


Hattori Shiori by Catgirldstr11 I'm Still Here by Catgirldstr11 Spring to Defense by Catgirldstr11

Thank you again to all of you! :heart:

Help us renew our Super Group status!

Sat May 27, 2017, 6:24 AM
Dear all,

In the last journal posted through the group I asked you guys if you'd like to see us continue with the group, and we received nothing but positive responses, so I'd like to share that we're going to get back on track and revive this group back to the activity levels it used to have. For this we need two things: new admins and our super group status back.


If you offered to help us by becoming an admin, please send a note to the group stating why you would like to become an admin and whether you're interested in helping by voting on submissions or by posting art features/contests and other projects with us, or by doing both!
Our activities used to include regular features, interviews and contests so we'd like to start these up again when we get enough admins to do so.

Super Group Status:

To renew our Super Group status we need 4, 796 :points: - ONLY 1,432 :points: LEFT TO RENEW!

To donate please go to my profile Mrs-Durden and you will see a donation box at the top right. Please rest assured that all points donated will go to renewing our super group status and nothing else.

Every donation of at least 50 :points: will be rewarded with a journal that will feature the artwork of those who donated. We will feature up to 5 pieces of your individual work in this journal to thank you all.

Of course, being a super group isn't just for our benefit, it's for yours too, it helps up run the group more efficiently and gives us perks such as ways of featuring your artwork on our front page, running polls, helping us in how we host contests, and much more.

We thank you in advance for your help!

Hey guys,

I want to apologize for having let this group die out a bit over the past year. Life got crazy and I just didn't have the time to be here too often, and while we have some amazing admins that I thank so much for sticking around, we really need more admins to help manage this group. That being said, I'd like to ask you, our members, if you'd like us to attempt to revive? Our Super group status is gone, so the first step would be opening up donations for it. The next step would be to find more admins, and then clean up the backlog and start our art features, interviews, contests and of course get back to accepting and requesting more work into our galleries.

What are your thoughts? Should we give it another shot, are you "in"? If so, we'll do our best to revive things here and start up again.


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